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The anti-snoring devices and snoring surgery market was estimated to be USD 750 million in 2015. Some major factors stimulating the market growth are the increasing awareness about the ill effects of snoring, soaring geriatric and obese population, presence of an untapped population pool characterized with a snoring condition, and the increasing consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. The subsequent health risks associated with this condition are sleep apnea, interrupted breathing, and strain on the heart. 

These conditions have stimulated the population to opt for treatment solutions including non-surgical appliances and surgical options, which in turn has led to the growth of the overall industry. However, factors, such as the high-cost of these surgeries, limited efficacy of the current treatments available for this condition, and unpropitious reimbursement issues are likely to hinder the growth of the anti-snoring devices and snoring surgery market. Additionally, the demerits related to the use of the non-surgical equipment, such as dry mouth, jaw discomfort, and hyper salivation serve as strong disincentives that discourage their use among the patients.

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